The Wanderlust Collection, highlighting 20 lovely cities in the world, is inspired by culture, architecture, nature, and zen. Each candle is named after the city or region it represents, featuring an artistic fragrance experience to take you on a journey and bring culture, zen, and nature into your home~

For centuries, the French capital has captivated the hearts of millions and has been regarded among the world’s most romantic and breathtaking cities. 

This recherché garden of love, joy, and sophistication opens with the sensual warmth of Bulgarian rose, giving way to black currant, tea rose, and ambergris. Notes of exotic cherry blossoms decorating the Eiffel Tower at springtime intermingle with sweetgrass, black tea, saffron, and verdant basil. Sensual, botanical, and luxurious, Paris is as timelessly classic as it is exquisite.


Wax blend: 100% beeswax, soy, and coco crème 

10.5 oz vessel; 8.5 oz net weight 

Burn time: 40-50 hours


Wax blend: Earthglow 100% beeswax, soy, coco crème luxury wax

10.5 oz vessel | 9.13 oz/258g net weight
Includes recyclable paper dust cover

Burn time: 45-50 hours

-Made with signature beeswax and plant-based wax blend
-Scented with essential oils & 'no b.s.' premium grade fine fragrance. Why Beeswax?
-Sustainably sourced crackling woodwick

Designed with you in mind, Earthglow candles are always
-Toxin free
-Phthalate free
-Carcinogen free + Prop. 65 Compliant
-Paraben free
-Sustainably sourced
-Cruelty free
-Handcrafted with love

Common candle ingredients known or suspected to cause bodily harm that you will never find in our candles

Mutagens: Agents (physical or chemical) that alter the genetic
constitution, usually DNA, of a cell. Mutagens are linked to a host of
diseases including cancer.

Phthalates: 75% of candles contain
these salts or esters of phthalic acid. They are linked to breast,
liver, and other cancers, disruption of hormone activity, reproductive
malformation, diabetes, and obesity.

Organ toxins: Chemicals
that adversely effect specific organs or organ systems (e.g. respiratory
toxins, cardiovascular toxins, immunotoxins, dermal toxins etc.).

Carcinogens: These are materials known or thought to cause cancer,
including everything on Prop. 65. If a chemical is thought to cause
cancer in CA, it isn't any safer elsewhere. Most commercial candles
contain these in the form of paraffin wax or various components in their
fragrance oil.

Acute toxins: Highly dangerous chemicals or biological substances that cause adverse effects from either a single exposure or a series of exposures within 24 hours.

Want your candle to last longer and burn even cleaner? Make sure you trim the wick to 1/8"-1/4” before every burn--our wick trimmers are perfect for this!

Each Item is handcrafted by me in my home in Kalamazoo, MI. Due to the nature of a handmade product, imperfections such as slightly off-centered labels, tiny markings on the outside of the jar, etc. are to be expected. None of these impact the quality of the candle.

Copyright Notice: All photos on this website have been taken by me and are not to be used, manipulated, distributed or reposted to any site without my expressed written permission. All of the words in my description have been written by me and are not to be copied.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Janie Hotchkiss
Best floral for non-floral lovers

I haven't had a bad candle from Allen yet -- I think I own at least ten? -- so it's no surprise this one is an equal winner. If you want to try a floral candle but aren't usually into florals, Paris may be exactly what you're looking for.

When it comes to candles, perfumes, and room sprays, I'm not a floral-heavy person; I tend to pick spices, herbs, and woods. Many "it" fragrances are not for me because they're overpoweringly floral and often just as overpoweringly sweet.

This candle has neither issue, but still evokes a late-afternoon garden in full bloom. But you also get the loam and wind, as well as the subtle but undeniably metro aspects that a city like Paris would have. There's a touch of wet pavement after a day's rain; the warm ozone of long-burning streetlamps; that unnameable scent of places that never really sleep.

Allen warned me this was a very floral candle, since he's always going the extra mile to make his customers happy, but he didn't need to. Paris is great on its own, can be mixed with other scents or incense, or can simply be put in a small bathroom, unlit, to perfume the air.

Order two.

Pam Sedoris
Let’s go to Paris

This candle is one of my all time favorites! I love the rose but it does not overpower the smell. It is very well balanced. The smell is a hint of rose with many other luxurious scents combined. I will always purchase this candle and support this company. These are the cleanest candles I have found and I give them as gifts frequently!

Shannon Thiesenhusen
Fire candle without the use of any fire

Before I even lit this candle, all my expectations were met. The design is so elegant and classic- fitting into any decor. The scent was exactly as described and I find myself going out of my way just to walk by and hope to smell it. As someone who is not the biggest fan of rose, the complex fragrance mixture balances the floral to provide a warm scent to relax, host company, and just enjoy the moment. As my first Allen Handcrafted candle, I am excited to try even more!

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