Hi, I'm Allen!

I'm the owner of Earthglow and I handpour every candle we have available from my home in Michigan. 

After completing a Bachelor's Degree in Music, I'm currently working on biochemistry degree with a passion for making cleaner, more earth-friendly candles. 

I grew up in the Yankee Candle stores with my mom, and candles have been an important part of my life since I can remember walking. When I was 19, I was diagnosed with a mast cell activation condition. I had to consider ever aspect of what I was wearing, eating, and what was in the air in my environment. I learned that many of the candles I loved burning in my home may actually have been aggravating my condition. In 2018, I began making my own candles with the mission to create cleaner candles without compromising the fragrance and aesthetic of what I knew and loved. Our 'no b.s.' promise evolved naturally from this mission.

no b.s.

Below is a quick-list of common candle ingredients known or suspected to cause bodily harm that you will never find in our candles

Phthalates: 75% of candles contain these salts or esters of phthalic acid. They are linked to breast, liver, and other cancers, disruption of hormone activity, reproductive malformation, diabetes, and obesity.

Carcinogens: These are materials known or thought to cause cancer, including everything on Prop. 65. If a chemical is thought to cause cancer in CA, it isn't any safer elsewhere. Most commercial candles contain these in the form of paraffin wax or various components in their fragrance oil.

Acute toxins: Highly dangerous chemicals or biological substances that cause adverse effects from either a single exposure or a series of exposures within 24 hours.

Organ toxins: Chemicals that adversely effect specific organs or organ systems (e.g. respiratory toxins, cardiovascular toxins, immunotoxins, dermal toxins etc.).

Mutagens: Agents (physical or chemical) that alter the genetic constitution, usually DNA, of a cell. Mutagens are linked to a host of diseases including cancer.

💗Did you know 'Allen Handcrafted' (the name you may see on Earthglow candles) is because I was made in 7 operating rooms across the country? By supporting my candle business, you’re supporting a transgender human with a dream to create a more inclusive planet. Let’s light the world with love, one candle at a time 💗


Want to chat more? Email me: info@earthglow.com